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Suitable necklines for your facial structure and body shape

March 28, 2011

Sometimes I see brides wearing something that just isn’t quite fitting. Ahhh, the trouble of finding the Right wedding gown.

I had been contemplating on writing this entry for a very long time but the amount of work just put me off it. For the benefit of all brides and this can be of everyday use, I am consolidating the different necklines to suit different body shapes and facial structures.

I think brides in Singapore are more conservative on choosing the necklines or maybe there are not so much choices available here. There are different necklines to suit different body shapes and it does make a big difference to accentuate the nice parts and to minimise the problematic areas.  Below are examples of popular necklines and some less obscure ones which target problematic areas.

Strapless: Expose the full shoulders. Very vogue now. Almost every bride is wearing this now.


  • Long Neck
  • Well Toned arms
  • Good Shoulders
  • Medium Bust


  • Square, broad shoulders
  • Short neck
  • Full Arms
  • Full Bust – It might not be able to support you throughout the day
  • Small chest

Sweetheart: Pretty and romantic neckline, forming a natural heart shape and giving you a sweet and innocent look


  • Well endowed – to accentuate cleavage
  • Good for short chin and neck
  • Angular face shape as it balance it with the contours of the sweetheart


  • As it exposes the central panel of neck, avoid it if is not your best feature

Asymmetrical: single strap coming across the front, One shoulder, Toga


  • Nice collarbone


  • Broad shoulders as it draws attention to the shoulders
  • Square shoulders

Off the shoulders: neckline sits off the shoulder or below them and accentuates the collarbone and shoulders equally. Usually paired with a sweet heart neckline


  • With the sweet heart design it is suitable for well endowed chest. For the best flattering effect, choose a slimmer skirt
  • Pear shaped body type can choose a decorated or embroidered neckline paired with a fuller skirt to draw attention to the upper torso
  • With a loose fitted sleeve, it covers the upper part of the arm which conceals a full arm


  • Broad shoulders as it will only accentuates it even more

V-neck: The V-Line style plunges to the bust

Suits: Almost everyone!

  • is particularly complimentary if you have a larger bust and would like a little cleavage.
  • de-emphasize the bust line so it is good for a full-figured
  • Small busts can be uplifted with a good bra
  • Short neck or chin and broad shoulders as it draw attention to the centre
  • Wide, round face or square jaws suits this neckline as it elongates the facial structure


  • if you want to shift attention away from your bust
  • Long face

Jewel Neckline: is fitted and a plain, slightly rounded collarless neckline and often touches the base of the neck.


  • Flat chested as it creates a bustier image
  • Conservative church wedding


  • Double chin as it draws attention to that area
  • Short neck will look shorter
  • Wide neck
  • well endowed should avoid as it emphasize the bust
  • Full arms

Bateau/Boat neck: follows the natural curve of your collarbone


  • Long face as it cuts the length of the facial structure
  • Pear shaped body types as it balances up the shoulders
  • Long neck
  • Beautiful collarbone
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Conservative church wedding


  • Broad faced or square jaws
  • Apple shaped as it emphasis the naturally broad shoulders

Of course this is just a guide for brides-to–be, especially those who are looking to have made-to-measure gowns. Take this as a guidance before you meet your designer, I am pretty sure she/he will be impressed with your knowledge and it facilitates the discussion. In order for these information to work, the 1st step is to be honest to yourself. Get to know your facial shape, your best features and those weaker areas that you are not comfortable to show (please do not exaggerate when you say you are fat coz very few people are a size zero). Next I will discuss about silhouettes. Stay tuned!

Credits (clockwise from left)

1st: Jesus-peiro, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab
2nd: Jenny Packham, Zuhair-Murad, Christos, Pronuptia Feerie, Enzoani
3rd: Vera Wang, Matthew Williamson, Vera Wang, Enzoani
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6th: Elizabeth-fillmore, Enzoani, Mon Cheri
7th: Reem Acra, Priscilla of Boston, Valentino Sposa

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