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Away from 13th – 17th May

May 12, 2011

June is the fanatic wedding season. I know I would not have any time to rest and relax so this makes a very good excuse for me to take a break before breaking my back in June.

I will be taking my maiden trip to Bangkok on a business and leisure trip. It will be surprising to know I had worked quite a bit with Thai girls for photoshoots before. That went a long way before I was doing bridal makeup. I started my makeup career from photoshoots organized by amateur photographers. These girls naturally were their models. The girls were always so nice and polite. Of course some were very pretty too. I remembered once, after we wrapped up the shoot, they thanked me with their traditional greeting with their hands together with a loud ” kob kun kaa”. Goodness, I was so enchanted by them.

So now I am finally making my way to the “Land of smiles”. During these days, I might get too high from all the shopping (I heard). Please be assured that Cleo Chang will be back on the 18th and will reply to all your emails as soon as I get normal again.

Hope it won’t get too hot!

A picture taken 4 years ago in one of the photoshoots.  I treasure this picture as I know I can (hardly) ever meet them again. I hope they are all doing well. Being a makeup artist has allowed me to meet with people from all walks of life.  A rewarding experience 🙂

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