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Her Gorgeous Moments . Collections

March 9, 2011

Sara for her church ceremony. With her slightly tanned complexion, she looked ravishing in this rosy makeup. A string of pearls to complete her sweet classic look.

Joyce + Ken Actual Day

March 6, 2011

Joyce is another bride that I share the same taste for Korean bridal styles.¬† I really think Korean bridal hairstyles look so elegant but maybe it is because we watch too many Korean dramas ūüôā

As Joyce knew exactly what she wanted so the rest of the time we spent perfecting the hairstyle and makeup. Luckily we did that coz silly me climbed a ladder to try to clean the roof , fell down from about 1 storey high and twisted my wrist on the morning of Joyce’s actual day. I was writhing in pain when I did her hair but it turned out beautiful.

In fact I was never happier. I love this whole look and it suited Joyce perfectly. Thank you Joyce for being such a dear. And many thanks to your mum-in-law being so hospitable too.

Best wishes!

Photography by Tsen Ho – More to Purple

Her Gorgeous Moments . Collections

March 2, 2011

A breathe of fresh air in the midst of conventional bridal hairstyles. A gorgeous hairpin to finish this low key elegant look.

Three Awesome Hair Accessories

February 23, 2011

I have learnt that my brides do not fancy tiaras very much, opting to have flowers in the hair for a more refreshing natural look. Even hairstyles are getting looser, more tousled to have a more airy causal feel.

As much as I love flowers, I love tiaras as well. Of course no more crowns or tiaras that scream Princess-wannabe. Just a little something for that extra bling on that special day.

I picked up 3 of my favorites that I have recently purchased in Taiwan for a sneak preview. It is too tiring to be taking pictures of every single hair accessory that I have so I decided to just showcase my favorites. These 3 are made of different material and each has its own beauty. Each brings out a different aura.

Crystal Flower band РThis goes very well with a classic bridal hairdo. Highly popular with brides wearing clean-cut gowns. Crystals lend a touch of brilliancy to the entire look.

The Fairy Band –¬†A touch of elegance in this dainty piece of dazzling rhinestone. It shines¬†like¬†a fairy wand,¬†mesmerizing yet not overwhelming. This is my favorite¬†and it burned a hole in my pocket.

The above band was pretty much inspired by Shu qi in a updo with a little tiara in her hair for the Golden Horse Awards in 2009. It is so elegant and timeless.

Last but not least, the Star Band – Made up of sparkling blings that many girls adored. What I like about this is that it is very simple yet attractive. Complete your look and be the Star of the Day!

I portray these accessories as how I think would be like if I was the bride. Everyone will look different in the it. Share your ideas with me during your hair trial so we can explore the possibilities together. This is also an example of what I meant when I asked what feel or style you are looking for. Sweet, elegant or stylish?

As usual, I like to highlight that I loan hair accessories for free but I do require a deposit of SGD 50 per accessory loaned and it will be returned when I receive the hair accessory in its original condition. Any damages or loss of accessory will result in a forfeit of the deposit and a full payment of the original cost of the hair accessory. I have to protect my prized possessions.

  • Note though ¬†that this is not a showcase of my bridal works for makeup and hair. I can’t do my own hair. ūüôā

Alittle something to share from Taiwan

February 21, 2011

Chinese New Year is over. I was caught in the holiday mood, which explains the lack of posting. It is tough to get back to work routine. I think I teared a bit on my plane ride back to Singapore.

A lot of my time in Taiwan was spent bonding with my family and relatives. My dad works in China so we only get to see him about twice a year so every minute with him counts. We went to walk around the Floral exhibition. The main grounds are beautiful with the red and yellow flowers and the walking experience was made even more wonderful with the cool air and floral scent.

I tried taking pictures of my parents and my dad shamelessly tried to put my mum on his lap (ignoring the curious looks from strangers). Well, as much as it looked really amusing with my mum struggling to break free from my dad, it is really quite sweet and funny. The bystanders gushed: ” so sweet!!”

Then after we are done with the pictures and were about to leave, the auntie add in : Śä†ś≤ĻŚďüÔľĀÔľĀ(Meaning to keep up with the love) Trust the Taiwanese to say mushy things like that. Ha!

In Taiwan, I feel like a shrimp in a big sea. Everyone’s so dolled¬†up. The tinted hair, the blunt thick haircut seemed to be the hot trend right now. The thick eyelashes. The flawless skin. The hot shorts despite the bitter cold weather while I¬†was bunned¬†up like a red tomato. I felt lousy so I decided I convince myself that I am actually the śįĒŤī® kind of girl, like Lin ChiLing. Ha! It didn’t work as well. I mean, look at my brother’s face – paints a thousand words.

I spent a day back in the village in Taichong¬†which was my mum’s hometown to visit my granny. Life in village is totally different from the city. Mum’s family business is planting mandarin oranges, those you eat during Chinese new year. It is just too bad that Taiwan doesnt export to Singapore because they taste 100% better than those we get in Singapore (which are from China, pssshhh)

My dad and I walking the dog down the streets of the village. Picture taken by my sister. I like it very much.


I thought this dog is a natural in front of the camera. Note that red hongbao on his neck? It has TWD 10 in it. Talk about being festive!

Vehicle to transport the oranges. Thought you guys wouldnt have the chance to see something like this very often.

A picture I am very proud of.  My little cousin posed this for me and she knew exactly what I wanted.

Shopping in Taiwan was great. I had a great time shopping for hair accessories which I will showcase in the next entry. Hope everyone had a great Chinese New Year.

Cupid’s Busy

February 15, 2011

I am a day late on this post but it is never late to share happiness.


February 8, 2011

Kate sends me emails time to time filled with inspirational quotes, fashion trends, lifestyle tips which I love.

I enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures thinking how beautiful some things can be. (And thinking why I am not as artistic)

I am creating a new category here to share some of my favorites so that everyone can be inspired and maybe bring a smile to your faces.

Special Thanks to Kate. You are the best!

Back to Taiwan – 26th Jan to 6th Feb

January 24, 2011


I have waited for this day for so long. I am finally going back to Taiwan!! I am looking forward to my longest holiday since forever.

Apologies to late replies of emails during this period. I will try to connect myself to the cyber world as soon as possible. If you really have to look for me, then do call me on the phone. I am still there.

I am ready to spring some nice surprises for my future brides. Just imagine the amount of shopping I can do in these few days. The eyelashes, the hair accessories, new stuff and new experiences.

I will update all when I am back.

In the meanwhile, I wish everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year.

Her Gorgeous Moments . Collections

January 17, 2011

A low chignon twisted for a textured look is starting to become my signature style and it is especially fabulous on Rachel.  Rachel had on a one shoulder grey gown which looks great on her fair complexion. With a natural blush, behold the Grecian goddess.

Candice + Alex ROM

January 14, 2011

Right from the start when we 1st met to discuss about the makeup and hair, I can tell Candice is a bubbly and cheerful bride. And her pictures shown likewise. We decided on a side chignon to complement her chic sexy¬†greek goddess dress. I love the dress. It looks very conservative from the front but when Candice turned, WOOHOO! It’s a low scoop. Nice~

She had a little smokey eye makeup and nude lipstick for the evening. As her ROM was held in Sentosa, just by the beach, it is a very causal and romanti8c look for her. I love her look. Sweet and a little edgy.

Thanks Candice for the pictures!

Photography by Dazza Pictures