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We are moving!

May 20, 2011

Did a check. We shifted to this blog on 14th May 2009. Fast forward to 2 years later, I am announcing we are moving again. I think I have the moving lust around the period of May.

Our new address is

It will be my website and blog together.

It had been an enjoyable stay over here. I grew up alot and managed I believe, many improvements and content to this blog. It is time to move on to a better platform. Always to improve.

Thank you for your support all these years. For more information on wedding make up and bridal make up, Please visit our new home. You will love it 🙂

Cleo Chang

Away from 13th – 17th May

May 12, 2011

June is the fanatic wedding season. I know I would not have any time to rest and relax so this makes a very good excuse for me to take a break before breaking my back in June.

I will be taking my maiden trip to Bangkok on a business and leisure trip. It will be surprising to know I had worked quite a bit with Thai girls for photoshoots before. That went a long way before I was doing bridal makeup. I started my makeup career from photoshoots organized by amateur photographers. These girls naturally were their models. The girls were always so nice and polite. Of course some were very pretty too. I remembered once, after we wrapped up the shoot, they thanked me with their traditional greeting with their hands together with a loud ” kob kun kaa”. Goodness, I was so enchanted by them.

So now I am finally making my way to the “Land of smiles”. During these days, I might get too high from all the shopping (I heard). Please be assured that Cleo Chang will be back on the 18th and will reply to all your emails as soon as I get normal again.

Hope it won’t get too hot!

A picture taken 4 years ago in one of the photoshoots.  I treasure this picture as I know I can (hardly) ever meet them again. I hope they are all doing well. Being a makeup artist has allowed me to meet with people from all walks of life.  A rewarding experience 🙂

Something Exciting is coming!

April 28, 2011

A little quiet here don’t you think?

No, Cleo is not being lazy. I have a little surprise for my readers and brides-to-be. I am so excited myself.  Pretty soon I will spring the surprise on you! Stay tune!

But basically I am still pretty much occupied with work and brides. This year I am going to be more involved in Facebook so do like my facebook page for more updates and pictures. Pictures of hair trials will be posted there as a sneak preview so that you could get more inspirations. Pictures of actual day weddings will be posted whenever I could (largely dependent on my upgraded-turned laggy Iphone 3). It is going to be exciting.

Engaging the social media. This seems to be the catchphrase these days *winks*

Her Gorgeous Moments . collections

April 15, 2011

Wee ling asked for all things simple and fuss free. Therefore, for the morning it is a neat side chignon with very natural makeup. For the evening, it is a korean inspired neat hairdo to compliment her calm demeanor. Her makeup is kept natural as well, slightly heavier eye makeup to her comfort level. With her dimpled smile, she simply looked lovely.

Silhouette for style and body shapes

April 4, 2011

Should I look tall and elegant? Or sweet and princessy? Or elude some old Hollywood glamour in the tight smoking hot gown? This is where silhouette comes in.

Silhouette determines the style of your gown and finding the right style flatters your body shape. Of course what is essential here is to know what body shape you belong to in order to find the best silhouette to accentuate and flatter your body shape. Next it will be what kind of image you want to portray. This will be up to your individual liking and character. For example,  I like to skip around when I am happy. I am sure I will be over the moon on my actual day so I have decided my gown will be something light and floaty to enable me to skip around without a heavy train or a can-can to drag me down in my mad escapade.

Below are links that I find useful to help you understand your body shape. Take some time to read this if you are unsure of your body type.

Here are some silhouettes for your reference:

Ball gown design


  • These accentuate the feminine hourglass shape, with a narrow fitted waist and full flowing skirt. Think Cinderella.
  • The waistlines may also be v-shaped, natural, and slightly higher than the natural waist line of lower on the hip.
  • Definitely the design that fulfill your desire to be a princess. Good for you evening first march in for a “oomphh” effect.


  • This gown silhouette is best suited to a tall woman. especially good at hiding large hips. But it is also very flattering to brides with narrow hips, as it can give you more of a curvy look.
  • big boobs, the ball gown style will help create the hourglass look since the waistline is emphasized due to the fitted bustline and natural, dropped or basque waistline

To avoid

  • On a short woman, the skirt often doesn’t have enough length to look elegant and tends to make her look rounded.
  • Avoid the Full Skirt if you are not full busted, as it will make your bust look smaller

A line Gown (Princess): The most versatile among all silhouettes


  • fitted around the bodice as it flares out into an “A” shape as it falls to the ground
  • It hugs the waist, so it creates a slimmer waistline and flatters the bust
  • Modified A-lines provide a tighter fit for a sexier look
  • Can be clean cut, elegant or extravaggant


  • All body types, especially good for disguising heavy bottom figure
  • Heavy bottoms the larger your hips, the wider the base of the skirt will be.
  • If you have wider hips, the A-Line will cover them up effectively and if you have narrower hips the cut of the skirt will give you some shape.


  • The tighter bodice will tend to draw attention to a smaller bust so it will be more flattering if you add a little padding to balance the look.
  • A heavy bust will need some structure – often this support is already built-in to the bodice, but if not then boned corset is a must.

Mermaid dress/ Fishtail: Current most trendy design favoured by designers


  • Also known as hourglass or figure-hugging, the mermaid shape is tightly fitted to the body and flares out from mid thigh or knee.
  • This emphasizes the figure and accentuates the curves of the back and hips.
  • Sexy to the maximum as it shows off all your curves. Sleek and fashionable


  • ideal for curvy girls with balanced hip and bust measurements – this dress will bring out the Marilyn Monroe in you.
  • slim to medium build and bust


  • straight up and down – athletic body shape
  • Apple shaped – round
  • Pear-shaped – Bottom heavy
  • If you have some bumps that you will like to hide, this is not the dress for you

Sheath/Column Dress: Also highly favoured design for now


  • Fitted but with a straight skirt, this can be soft and floaty as in a Grecian style or fitted and structured with a straight skirt.
  • follows the natural body curves from the shoulder to the hem.
  • Emphasize a long, clean look. Very elegant thought it tends to be more causal looking. Perfect for a garden or beach wedding.


  • The Column dress hugs the figure and looks great on tall, willowy women.
  • It will also work well on a short and lean figure as the design will have a body elongating effect on them
  • Soft sheaths for slender figures
  • Constructed sheaths for curvy brides.


  • Apple shaped – round
  • Pear-shaped – Bottom heavy
  • If you have some bumps that you will like to hide, this is not the dress for you

Empire Waist


  • The waistline starts just below the bust similar in look to a maternity dress.
  • Underbust detailing and seaming with an unstructured waist so that it falls in a virtually straight line past the hips and into the skirt.
  • The skirt is usually slender and graceful. Empire-waist gowns are some of the elegant, flattering styles.


  • It is suited to someone who has a small bust, because it brings the viewer’s eye toward the neckline
  • The body of the dress falls from beneath the bust, which is great if you have a broad waist and a small bust.
  • The long line makes petite brides look taller.


  • Because of the long lines, it will make Tall brides look taller
  • Avoid it also if you have a heavy bustline because it will make it appear bigger with the underbust detailing.

So, now after reading the different necklines and silhouette, I hope these help you to identify those styles that might be suitable for you. I already had what I want as my wedding gown in mind. Hope you too!

Credits (clockwise from left):

1st: Ian Stuart, Jillian Sposa, Enzoani, Christian Lacroix
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Suitable necklines for your facial structure and body shape

March 28, 2011

Sometimes I see brides wearing something that just isn’t quite fitting. Ahhh, the trouble of finding the Right wedding gown.

I had been contemplating on writing this entry for a very long time but the amount of work just put me off it. For the benefit of all brides and this can be of everyday use, I am consolidating the different necklines to suit different body shapes and facial structures.

I think brides in Singapore are more conservative on choosing the necklines or maybe there are not so much choices available here. There are different necklines to suit different body shapes and it does make a big difference to accentuate the nice parts and to minimise the problematic areas.  Below are examples of popular necklines and some less obscure ones which target problematic areas.

Strapless: Expose the full shoulders. Very vogue now. Almost every bride is wearing this now.


  • Long Neck
  • Well Toned arms
  • Good Shoulders
  • Medium Bust


  • Square, broad shoulders
  • Short neck
  • Full Arms
  • Full Bust – It might not be able to support you throughout the day
  • Small chest

Sweetheart: Pretty and romantic neckline, forming a natural heart shape and giving you a sweet and innocent look


  • Well endowed – to accentuate cleavage
  • Good for short chin and neck
  • Angular face shape as it balance it with the contours of the sweetheart


  • As it exposes the central panel of neck, avoid it if is not your best feature

Asymmetrical: single strap coming across the front, One shoulder, Toga


  • Nice collarbone


  • Broad shoulders as it draws attention to the shoulders
  • Square shoulders

Off the shoulders: neckline sits off the shoulder or below them and accentuates the collarbone and shoulders equally. Usually paired with a sweet heart neckline


  • With the sweet heart design it is suitable for well endowed chest. For the best flattering effect, choose a slimmer skirt
  • Pear shaped body type can choose a decorated or embroidered neckline paired with a fuller skirt to draw attention to the upper torso
  • With a loose fitted sleeve, it covers the upper part of the arm which conceals a full arm


  • Broad shoulders as it will only accentuates it even more

V-neck: The V-Line style plunges to the bust

Suits: Almost everyone!

  • is particularly complimentary if you have a larger bust and would like a little cleavage.
  • de-emphasize the bust line so it is good for a full-figured
  • Small busts can be uplifted with a good bra
  • Short neck or chin and broad shoulders as it draw attention to the centre
  • Wide, round face or square jaws suits this neckline as it elongates the facial structure


  • if you want to shift attention away from your bust
  • Long face

Jewel Neckline: is fitted and a plain, slightly rounded collarless neckline and often touches the base of the neck.


  • Flat chested as it creates a bustier image
  • Conservative church wedding


  • Double chin as it draws attention to that area
  • Short neck will look shorter
  • Wide neck
  • well endowed should avoid as it emphasize the bust
  • Full arms

Bateau/Boat neck: follows the natural curve of your collarbone


  • Long face as it cuts the length of the facial structure
  • Pear shaped body types as it balances up the shoulders
  • Long neck
  • Beautiful collarbone
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Conservative church wedding


  • Broad faced or square jaws
  • Apple shaped as it emphasis the naturally broad shoulders

Of course this is just a guide for brides-to–be, especially those who are looking to have made-to-measure gowns. Take this as a guidance before you meet your designer, I am pretty sure she/he will be impressed with your knowledge and it facilitates the discussion. In order for these information to work, the 1st step is to be honest to yourself. Get to know your facial shape, your best features and those weaker areas that you are not comfortable to show (please do not exaggerate when you say you are fat coz very few people are a size zero). Next I will discuss about silhouettes. Stay tuned!

Credits (clockwise from left)

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Eejia + Ian Actual Day

March 23, 2011

Right from Eejia’s makeup dress to all her bridesmaid’s badges, I knew this is going to be a great wedding. (I secretly smiled when I heard she has her makeup dress coz that is exactly the kind of things I will do)

Eejia loves Audrey Hepburn, so naturally vintage is her theme. Therefore, right from the start, we have a pretty striaghtforward direction to work towards.

For her morning, we went for a classic look finished with fresh flowers on her hair. Her makeup is kept natural. Eejia has beautiful huge eyes so we just add in some fake eyelashes to create more volume. I rounded her eyebrows and thicken the outline to complement her huge eyes.  As Eejia is very fair and has a very small face, her blush is kept on the apple of her cheeks with a light pink blush.

For the evening, Eejia chose a bird cage veil for her vintage theme so we finish the look with a side hairdo to complement her sweet Audrey Hepburnish full skirt dress.

Beautiful wedding with beautiful photos.

Simple love the deco and the tone of the pictures. Thank you Eejia for the pictures!

Wedding planners: Spellbound Weddings –

Photographer: Bittersweet by Joseph –

Life unexpected

March 17, 2011

In light of the recent tragedies, I asked myself why am I working so hard? In the end of the day, everything can be gone in seconds without warning. This make me rethink about my priorities in life. I want to pause and enjoy life more but I want to build my career too. It is really hard to get a balance. But I do know, I have to keep my loved ones close to me.

Kate sent me this awhile ago. Unfortunately Eeyore was wrong. But I think everyone could learn some optimism from him.

And since life is so unexpected, maybe this is true.

LingYin + Daniel Actual Day

March 15, 2011

A strong pungent cookie smell greeted me at the door when I visited Lingyin for her hair trial. She was busy baking cookies for all her guests for her wedding. She actually roped in all her family members in Malaysia for this huge cookie making plan. That’s family spirit! 

It is a simple cosy affair for her at the ACM. She chose to have a classic hairdo to go with her clean cut flowy gown. The white flower she bought goes perfectly well with her jet black hair. For her makeup, we went for a minimalist look, just for a rosy blush. This is prefect for brides who are not used to makeup. Just a little to look ravishing.

Picture taken DingYing Law

Photography by Yu Hsin from Tinydot photography

Her Gorgeous Moments . Collections

March 10, 2011

Sara is all for some old Hollywood drama. Demure from the front and super high glamour from the side. Smokey eye makeup to up the glamorous factor. *Blows whistle*